Hair follicle development - The Latest Science

Hair follicle development in mouse
pluripotent stem cell-derived skin organoids.

Image contributed by: Karl R. Koehler,
Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN, USA.

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Papers of the month: April 2018

A nonconjugated radical polymer glass with high electrical conductivity. Joo et al. (2018). Science 359: 1391-1395.

Exploration of underwater life with an acoustically controlled soft robotic fish. Katzschmann et al. (2018). Science Robotics 3:16, eaar3449.

Adsorption-based atmospheric water harvesting device for arid climates. Kim et al. (2018). Nature Communications 9: 1191.

Continuous-wave room-temperature diamond maser. Breeze et al. (2018). Nature 555: 493-496.



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