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296  Riboflavin synthesis from gaseous nitrogen and carbon dioxide by a hybrid inorganic-biological system.

295  Inhibition of ASGR1 decreases lipid levels by promoting cholesterol excretion.

294  Tryptophan regulates Drosophila zinc stores.

293  Tryptophan depletion results in tryptophan-to-phenylalanine substitutants.

292  Leucine retention in lysosomes is regulated by starvation.

291  A dual cellular–heterogeneous catalyst strategy for the production of olefins from glucose.

290  Dual-function enzyme catalysis for enantioselective carbon–nitrogen bond formation.

289  Tungsten enzymes play a role in detoxifying food and antimicrobial aldehydes in the human gut microbiome.

288  Cell-free chemoenzymatic starch synthesis from carbon dioxide.

287  Prospecting for natural products by genome mining and microcrystal electron diffraction.

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