Cancer Biology

1282 Harnessing anti-cytomegalovirus immunity for local immunotherapy against solid tumors.

1281 CKS1 inhibition depletes leukemic stem cells and protects healthy hematopoietic stem cells in acute myeloid leukemia.

1280 The metastatic spread of breast cancer accelerates during sleep.

1279 Trastuzumab Deruxtecan in Previously Treated HER2-Low Advanced Breast Cancer.

1278 PD-1 Blockade in Mismatch Repair–Deficient, Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer.

1277 A nanovaccine for antigen self-presentation and immunosuppression reversal as a personalized cancer immunotherapy strategy.

1276 A transistor-like pH-sensitive nanodetergent for selective cancer therapy.

1275 Extracellular vesicles from triple negative breast cancer promote pro-inflammatory macrophages associated with better clinical outcome.

1274 Stepwise-edited, human melanoma models reveal mutations’ effect on tumor and microenvironment.

1273 Cancer cells use self-inflicted DNA breaks to evade growth limits imposed by genotoxic stress.

1272 Tumor-resident intracellular microbiota promotes metastatic colonization in breast cancer.

1271 ESCRT-mediated membrane repair protects tumor-derived cells against T cell attack.

1270 Listeria delivers tetanus toxoid protein to pancreatic tumors and induces cancer cell death in mice.

1269 Diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer by high-performance serum metabolic fingerprints.

1268 A trispecific antibody targeting HER2 and T cells inhibits breast cancer growth via CD4 cells.

1267 Intravesical delivery of KDM6A-mRNA via mucoadhesive nanoparticles inhibits the metastasis of bladder cancer.

1266 Immunomagnetic microscopy of tumor tissues using quantum sensors in diamond.

1265 Transition to invasive breast cancer is associated with progressive changes in the structure and composition of tumor stroma.

1264 Multi-omic machine learning predictor of breast cancer therapy response.

1263 Cancer risk across mammals.

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