Developmental Biology


194  The levels of microRNAs in mouse and human cells control lipid metabolism and germ cell specification during development.

193  The long non-coding RNA locus Maenli controls mouse limb development by regulating En1 activity, and the absence of the homolgous MAENLI locus is associated with severe congenital limb defects in humans.

192  Modelling human blastocysts by reprogramming fibroblasts into iBlastoids.

191  Blastocyst-like structures generated from human pluripotent stem cells.

190  Engineering synthetic morphogen systems that can program multicellular patterning.

189  Feeding-dependent tentacle development in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis.

188  Probing and manipulating embryogenesis via nanoscale thermometry and temperature control.

187  The molecular mechanism by which high temperature inhibits male sex determination in turtles is elucidated.

186  A signaling pathway that underlies the sexual dichotomy necessary for germ cell development is elucidated.

185  Multimodal transcriptional control of pattern formation in embryonic development.

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