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1440  Distinguishing features of long COVID identified through immune profiling

1439  The total mass, number, and distribution of immune cells in the human body

1438  Design and testing of a humanized porcine donor for xenotransplantation

1437  CD300ld on neutrophils is required for tumour-driven immune suppression.

1436  Immunologically, mothers remember their babies, whereas daughters forget their mothers with new pregnancy-imprinted memories.

1435  Manipulating mitochondrial electron flow enhances tumor immunogenicity.

1434  Epitope base editing CD45 in hematopoietic cells enables universal blood cancer immune therapy

1433  Synthetically glycosylated antigens for the antigen-specific suppression of established immune responses

1432  Universal redirection of CAR T cells against solid tumours via membrane-inserted ligands for the CAR.

1431  Neuromedin U programs eosinophils to promote mucosal immunity of the small intestine.

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