Marine Biology

203 Origins and evolution of extreme life span in Pacific Ocean rockfishes.

202 Profiling cellular diversity in sponges informs animal cell type and nervous system evolution.

201 Moonrise timing is key for synchronized spawning in coral Dipsastraea speciosa.

200 Seadragon genome analysis provides insights into its phenotype and sex determination locus

199 Episodic-like memory is preserved with age in cuttlefish.

198 High-performance hydrodynamic simulations show that the skeletal structure of the deep-sea sponge Euplectella aspergillum reduces the hydrodynamic stresses on it, while possibly being beneficial for feeding and reproduction.

197 Aquaculture mediates global transmission of a viral pathogen to wild salmon.

196 A global analysis suggests that local factors, such as high abundance of macroalgae or urchins, magnify coral loss in the year after bleaching.

195 Harvesting forage fish can prevent fishing-induced population collapses of large piscivorous fish.

194 A network of grassroots reserves protects tropical river fish diversity.

193 Guanine, a high-capacity and rapid-turnover nitrogen reserve in microalgal cells.

192 A ubiquitous tire rubber–derived chemical induces acute mortality in coho salmon.

191 Trawl and eDNA assessment of marine fish diversity, seasonality, and relative abundance in coastal New Jersey, USA.

190 Autonomous sample return and high-resolution depth control enable global-scale biochemical mapping of marine genomics and proteomics.

189 Mobile robotic platforms for the acoustic tracking of deep-sea demersal fishery resources.

188 Feeding-dependent tentacle development in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis.

187 Experimental evidence of dispersal of invasive cyprinid eggs inside migratory waterfowl.

186 Thermal tolerance metrics for 694 marine and freshwater fish species reveal that breeding stages are most vulnerable to climate warming.

185 Targeted mutation of secretogranin-2 disrupts sexual behavior and reproduction in zebrafish.

184 Cannibalism makes invasive comb jelly, Mnemiopsis leidyi, resilient to unfavourable conditions.

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