1670  Dopamine promotes head direction plasticity during orienting movements.

1669  APOE4 impairs myelination via cholesterol dysregulation in oligodendrocytes.

1668  The neurons that restore walking after paralysis.

1667  Nociceptor neurons affect cancer immunosurveillance.

1666  Incubation of palatable food craving is associated with brain-wide neuronal activation in mice.

1665  Multiple forms of working memory emerge from synapse–astrocyte interactions in a neuron–glia network model.

1664  Metabolome-wide association study on ABCA7 indicates a role of ceramide metabolism in Alzheimer’s disease.

1663  Hippocampus and temporal pole functional connectivity is associated with age and individual differences in autobiographical memory.

1662  How musical rhythm training improves short-term memory for faces.

1661  Human cerebellum and corticocerebellar connections involved in emotional memory enhancement.

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