Plant Science


792  THP9 enhances seed protein content and nitrogen-use efficiency in maize.

791  Canonical strigolactones are not the major determinant of tillering but important rhizospheric signals in rice.

790  A blast fungus zinc-finger fold effector binds to a hydrophobic pocket in host Exo70 proteins to modulate immune recognition in rice.

789  NIN-like protein 7 transcription factor is a plant nitrate sensor.

788  By crossing Populus trichocarpa × P. trichocarpa from a distant population, hybrid poplar trees were obtained that can grow rapidly on marginal lands in northern climates. These hybrids can be transformed by reductive catalytic fractionation to yield a delignified textile fiber that can be a substitute for cotton as well as a lignin-derived biofuel in the gasoline-aviation-diesel range. The sustainability of this value chain was evaluated by LCA and showed substantial benefits in terms of water

787  Flexible and digestible wood caused by viral-induced alteration of cell wall composition.

786  Inactivation of a wheat protein kinase gene confers broad-spectrum resistance to rust fungi.

785  TIR-catalyzed ADP-ribosylation reactions produce signaling molecules for plant immunity.

784  A transcriptional regulator that boosts grain yields and shortens the growth duration of rice.

783  Competition for pollinators destabilizes plant coexistence.

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