Material Science

808 Inspired by the enhanced mechanical strength of microstructured metals, damage-tolerant architected materials are developed in which the internal structure is granular, with different regions having different lattice orientations.

807 Field responsive mechanical metamaterials.

806 A simple substrate decoupling method with optimized growth conditions enables a high-quality synthetic monolayer semiconductor.

805 Digital Wood: 3D Internal Color Texture Mapping.

804 Self-organized shape dynamics of active surfaces.

803 An ultrafast symmetry switch in a Weyl semimetal.

802 Freezing copper as a noble metal–like catalyst for preliminary hydrogenation.

801 Stretchable organic optoelectronic sensorimotor synapse.

800 3D nanofabrication by volumetric deposition and controlled shrinkage of patterned scaffolds.

799 Polymer semiconductors can maintain their conductivity at high temperatures when blended into insulating host polymers.

798 Superfluorescence from lead halide perovskite quantum dot superlattices.

797 An Artificial Nocturnal Flower via Humidity‐Gated Photoactuation in Liquid Crystal Networks.

796 Biomechanics of a moth scale at ultrasonic frequencies.

795 Multicomponent nanoparticles enhance both the strength and ductility of an iron-nickel-cobalt alloy.

794 Modulating carrier concentration induces a transition from a topological to a superconducting phase in monolayer WTe2.

793 Cats use hollow papillae to wick saliva into fur.

792 Efficient and stable emission of warm-white light from lead-free halide double perovskites.

791 Efficient radical-based light-emitting diodes with doublet emission

790 Single-crystalline monolayer hexagonal boron nitride films synthesized on a molten gold film served as substrates for growth of graphene and WS2.

789 Chemical vapor deposition into thin films of liquid crystals creates organized arrays of shape-controlled nanofibers.

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