50 A biomimetic eye with a hemispherical perovskite nanowire array retina.

49 A biomimetic eye with a hemispherical perovskite nanowire array retina.

48 A device combining soft, wireless wearable electronics with virtual reality offers portable therapeutics for eye disorders.

47 Regenerative peripheral nerve interfaces show promise to improve prosthetic rehabilitation in people with upper limb loss.

46 Tunable and precise miniature lithium heater for point-of-care applications.

45 Wireless, battery-free subdermally implantable photometry systems for chronic recording of neural dynamics.

44 Printing of wirelessly rechargeable solid-state supercapacitors for soft, smart contact lenses with continuous operations.

43 Flexible submental sensor patch with remote monitoring controls for management of oropharyngeal swallowing disorders.

42 Integrated textile sensor patch for real-time and multiplex sweat analysis.

41 Engineered conformability in auditory brainstem implant electrode arrays improves the electrode-brainstem interface in mice and in human cadavers.

40 Waterproof molecular monolayers stabilize 2D materials.

39 An ultraflexible organic differential amplifier for recording electrocardiograms.

38 An implantable triboelectric generator can harvest ultrasound through skin and liquids to supply power to medical implants.

37 Snake fang–inspired stamping patch for transdermal delivery of liquid formulations.

36 Flexible electronic/optoelectronic microsystems with scalable designs for chronic biointegration.

35 A neuro-inspired artificial peripheral nervous system for scalable electronic skins.

34 A battery-free, soft implantable nerve cuff system provides wireless delivery of light and drugs to modulate nerve activity.

33 A capsule robot uses magnetic control and microultrasound feedback for in situ autonomous positioning and diagnostics of microanatomy.

32 Wearable thermoelectrics for personalized thermoregulation

31 Helical nanofiber yarn enabling highly stretchable engineered microtissue.

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