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Applied Physics

Applied Physics

1 Devices and approaches for generating specific high-affinity nucleic acid aptamers.

2 Active control of all-fibre graphene devices with electrical gating.

3 Optically reconfigurable magnetic materials.

4 Vapour-mediated sensing and motility in two-component droplets.

5 Efficient photosynthesis of carbon monoxide from CO2 using perovskite photovoltaics.

6 Scaling up nanoscale water-driven energy conversion into evaporation-driven engines and generators.

7 Bright visible light emission from graphene.

8 Using the transit of Venus to probe the upper planetary atmosphere.

9 A colloidal quantum dot spectrometer.

10 Single-photon emitting diode in silicon carbide.

11 High-resolution optical spectroscopy using multimode interference in a compact tapered fibre.

12 Graphene electrostatic microphone and ultrasonic radio.

13 Micromotors with asymmetric shape that efficiently convert light into work by thermocapillary effects.

14 Superhydrophobic-like tunable droplet bouncing on slippery liquid interfaces.

15 Acoustic metamaterial for subwavelength edge detection.

16 Proposal for a room-temperature diamond maser.

17 Spectromicroscopic insights for rational design of redox-based memristive devices.

18 Spontaneous droplet trampolining on rigid superhydrophobic surfaces.

19 Self-assembly of smallest magnetic particles.

20 A small-gap electrostatic micro-actuator for large deflections.

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