1308  Manganese promotes the aggregation and prion-like cell-to-cell exosomal transmission of α-synuclein.

1307  Circadian clock protein Rev-erbα regulates neuroinflammation.

1306  Sleep increases chromosome dynamics to enable reduction of accumulating DNA damage in single neurons.

1305  The centrosome protein AKNA regulates neurogenesis via microtubule organization.

1304  Cortical route for facelike pattern processing in human newborns.

1303  Glutamate signaling at cytoneme synapses.

1302  Coupled ripple oscillations between the medial temporal lobe and neocortex retrieve human memory.

1301  Motor cortical control of vocal interaction in neotropical singing mice.

1300  Metal‐Based Stents: Endovascular Metal Devices for the Treatment of Cerebrovascular Diseases.

1299  Single-nucleus RNA sequencing analysis identifies different subclusters of oligodendroglia in white matter from individuals with multiple sclerosis compared with controls, and these differences may be important for understanding disease progression.

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