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1766  Sleep loss diminishes hippocampal reactivation and replay

1765  A population of neurons selective for human voice in the monkey brain

1764  Nasal tau immunotherapy clears intracellular tau pathology and improves cognitive functions in aged tauopathy mice

1763  Trigeminal ganglion neurons are directly activated by influx of CSF solutes in a migraine model

1762  Senescent glia link mitochondrial dysfunction and lipid accumulation

1761  Integrated platform for multiscale molecular imaging and phenotyping of the human brain

1760  Pharmacological modulation of septins restores calcium homeostasis and is neuroprotective in models of Alzheimer’s disease

1759  Young glial progenitor cells competitively replace aged and diseased human glia in the adult chimeric mouse brain

1758  Control of working memory by phase–amplitude coupling of human hippocampal neurons

1757  Babbling opens the sensory phase for imitative vocal learning

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