1399  Neuromodulator Signaling Bidirectionally Controls Vesicle Numbers in Human Synapses.

1398  Competing Roles of Slow Oscillations and Delta Waves in Memory Consolidation versus Forgetting.

1397  Sour Sensing from the Tongue to the Brain.

1396  Sleep-wake cycles drive daily dynamics of synaptic phosphorylation.

1395  The forebrain synaptic transcriptome is organized by clocks but its proteome is driven by sleep.

1394  Early detection and monitoring of cerebral ischemia using calcium-responsive MRI probes.

1393  Maternal viral infection causes global alterations in porcine fetal microglia.

1392  Multiple sclerosis genomic map implicates peripheral immune cells and microglia in susceptibility.

1391  Glutamatergic synaptic input to glioma cells drives brain tumour progression.

1390  Synaptic proximity enables NMDAR signalling to promote brain metastasis.

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