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1750  Live music stimulates the affective brain and emotionally entrains listeners in real time

1749  Structures of AT8 and PHF1 phosphomimetic tau: Insights into the posttranslational modification code of tau aggregation

1748  A molecular switch for neuroprotective astrocyte reactivity

1747  A concerted neuron–astrocyte program declines in ageing and schizophrenia

1746  Reactive astrocytes secrete the chaperone HSPB1 to mediate neuroprotection

1745  Sleep deprivation drives brain-wide changes in cholinergic presynapse abundance in Drosophila melanogaster

1744  In an experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis model in mice, a subset of astrocytes retains an epigenetically regulated memory of past inflammation, causing exacerbated inflammation upon subsequent rechallenge.

1743  Selection of experience for memory by hippocampal sharp wave ripples.

1742  Synaptic wiring motifs in posterior parietal cortex support decision-making

1741  Single neurons in the thalamus and subthalamic nucleus process cardiac and respiratory signals in humans

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