1652  Glioblastoma hijacks neuronal mechanisms for brain invasion.

1651  Number neurons in the nidopallium of young domestic chicks.

1650  Analysis of somatic mutations in 131 human brains reveals aging-associated hypermutability.

1649  The gut metabolite indole-3 propionate promotes nerve regeneration and repair.

1648  Therapeutic functions of astrocytes to treat α-synuclein pathology in Parkinson’s disease.

1647  Comparing human and chimpanzee temporal lobe neuroanatomy reveals modifications to human language hubs beyond the frontotemporal arcuate fasciculus.

1646  Enhancing GAT-3 in thalamic astrocytes promotes resilience to brain injury in rodents.

1645  Hinge point emergence in mammalian spinal neurulation.

1644  A preoptic neuronal population controls fever and appetite during sickness.

1643  VEGF is an essential retrograde trophic factor for motoneurons.

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