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316 Aging impairs the neurovascular interface in the heart.

315 The artificial sweetener erythritol and cardiovascular event risk.

314 LDL delivery of microbial small RNAs drives atherosclerosis through macrophage TLR8.

313 Hormonal therapies up-regulate MANF and overcome female susceptibility to immune checkpoint inhibitor myocarditis.

312 Comparative Effects of Low-Dose Rosuvastatin, Placebo and Dietary Supplements on Lipids and Inflammatory Biomarkers.

311 Macrophage macropinocytosis plays an important role in atherosclerosis and is a key therapeutic target.

310 Liver-heart cross-talk mediated by coagulation factor XI protects against heart failure.

309 Cardioprotective factors against myocardial infarction selected in vivo from an AAV secretome library.

308 Spatial multi-omic map of human myocardial infarction.

307 A single-cell atlas of the heart identifies cellular interactions and pathways involved in two types of cardiomyopathy.

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