1. Can I edit or delete articles submitted by the editors?

No, readers cannot edit articles submitted by the editors. However if you feel an abstract or summary of an article need to be edited, please do contact us.

2. As a contributing editor can I submit articles which are more than three years old?

No, you may only submit articles which are published within the last three years.

3. Can I suggest my own papers to The Latest Science?

If you believe your paper published in any area of science has a significant impact, you may contact us. Upon careful review by the editors, if we think that the article has impacted science, we will upload the paper (summary and link) to the The Latest Science.

4. Do The Latest Science endorse products advertised in the website?

No, The Latest Science never endorses any products or companies.

5. What should I do if I do not find a scientific discipline in The Latest Science?

If you do not find an appropriate scientific discipline of your interest kindly contact us by e-mail so that we can create a tab for the missing scientific discipline.

6. How do I contact The Latest Science?

You can e-mail us: thelatestscience@gmail.com

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