The success of the human race is acquisition of knowledge as well as cooperation between individuals.

Agriculture and large industries provided employment to millions of people until the end of the twentieth century. Drastic social changes in the last decades of the twentieth century have lead to increase in education. This has lead to an increase in knowledge based economy. New sustainable technologies are to be developed to create more jobs, improve the well being of humans, as well as conservation of nature.

The world population has crossed 7 billion. Increase in human population and anthropogenic activities have considerably impacted our planet. Earth does not have unlimited resources to sustain our lifestyle. Sustainable use of our resources is a requisite for the well being of future generations. The only way to increase production of goods and services, develop new drugs, etc., for human welfare is through innovation. Fortunately, there are hundreds of scientific journals reporting new ideas and discoveries which could be used to improve products or processes. However, most people do not have the time and resources to read articles from hundreds of journals every week.

The Latest Science provides information on the latest cutting edge papers published in scientific journals that has a significant impact on science. Knowledge gained through reading the latest advances in science is to be used for the development of new technologies, innovation of existing products, so as to make our planet a better place to live for the present and future generations.

The Latest Science is a venture of the Abraham Thomas Foundation, Pennsylvania. The goal of the Foundation is providing support to education and businesses.


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