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Cancer Biology

Cancer Biology

1330 Mycoplasma DnaK expression increases cancer development in vivo upon DNA damage

1329 Femtosecond pulsed laser photodynamic therapy activates melanin and eradicates malignant melanoma

1328 SOX17 enables immune evasion of early colorectal adenomas and cancers

1327 Cancer-on-a-chip model shows that the adenomatous polyposis coli mutation impairs T cell engagement and killing of cancer spheroids

1326 An immunogenetic basis for lung cancer risk

1325 Siglec-15/sialic acid axis as a central glyco-immune checkpoint in breast cancer bone metastasis

1324 Inhaled mRNA nanoparticles dual-targeting cancer cells and macrophages in the lung for effective transfection

1323 Viral nanoparticle vaccines against S100A9 reduce lung tumor seeding and metastasis

1322 Crosstalk between small-cell lung cancer cells and astrocytes mimics brain development to promote brain metastasis

1321 Probiotic-guided CAR-T cells for solid tumor targeting

1320 A vertebral skeletal stem cell lineage driving metastasis.

1319 Epitope engineering of donor haematopoietic stem/progenitor cells endows haematopoietic lineages with selective resistance to CAR T cells or monoclonal antibodies, without affecting protein function or regulation, enabling the targeting of genes that are essential for leukaemia survival and reducing the risk of tumour immune escape.

1318 Rationally designed chimeric PI3K-BET bromodomain inhibitors elicit curative responses in MYC-driven lymphoma.

1317 Chromosomal instability in cancer is linked to endoplasmic reticulum stress signalling, immune suppression and metastasis, which is mediated by the cGAS–STING pathway, suppression of which can reduce metastasis.

1316 Interferon-ε is a tumour suppressor and restricts ovarian cancer.

1315 TREM1 activation of myeloid cells promotes antitumor immunity.

1314 Epitope base editing CD45 in hematopoietic cells enables universal blood cancer immune therapy.

1313 Lung adenocarcinoma promotion by air pollutants.

1312 O-GlcNAcylation promotes tumor immune evasion by inhibiting PD-L1 lysosomal degradation.

1311 Immature natural killer cells promote progression of triple-negative breast cancer.

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