Cancer Biology

1042 Enhanced CAR–T cell activity against solid tumors by vaccine boosting through the chimeric receptor.

1041 Noninvasive imaging of tumor progression, metastasis, and fibrosis using a nanobody targeting the extracellular matrix.

1040 dTcf/Pangolin suppresses growth and tumor formation in Drosophila.

1039 UDP-glucose accelerates SNAI1 mRNA decay and impairs lung cancer metastasis.

1038 Programmable bacteria induce durable tumor regression and systemic antitumor immunity.

1037 Cholesterol Induces CD8+ T Cell Exhaustion in the Tumor Microenvironment.

1036 Intratumoral Activity of the CXCR3 Chemokine System Is Required for the Efficacy of Anti-PD-1 Therapy.

1035 Inadequate DNA Damage Repair Promotes Mammary Transdifferentiation, Leading to BRCA1 Breast Cancer.

1034 A Small Molecule Targeting Mutagenic Translesion Synthesis Improves Chemotherapy.

1033 Stromal Microenvironment Shapes the Intratumoral Architecture of Pancreatic Cancer.

1032 Anchoring of intratumorally administered cytokines to collagen safely potentiates systemic cancer immunotherapy.

1031 An analysis of more than 2500 human tumors reveals that cancer driver and passenger mutations can be identified from mesoscale genomic context.

1030 A Mucin 16 bispecific T cell–engaging antibody for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

1029 The glycan CA19-9 promotes pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer in mice.

1028 A new anti-CD19 CAR T cell therapy induces potent antitumor responses without causing severe cytokine-release syndrome or neurotoxicity in patients with lymphoma.

1027 Genome-wide cell-free DNA fragmentation in patients with cancer.

1026 In vivo liquid biopsy using Cytophone platform for photoacoustic detection of circulating tumor cells in patients with melanoma.

1025 Tumor-targeted 4-1BB agonists for combination with T cell bispecific antibodies as off-the-shelf therapy.

1024 Gene-edited stem cells enable CD33-directed immune therapy for myeloid malignancies.

1023 Perfluorocarbon nanoparticle-mediated platelet inhibition promotes intratumoral infiltration of T cells and boosts immunotherapy.

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