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Cell Biology

Cell Biology


575  Aligned cryogel fibers incorporated 3D printed scaffold effectively facilitates bone regeneration by enhancing cell recruitment and function

574  Efficient formation of single-copy human artificial chromosomes

573  Control of cell proliferation by memories of mitosis

572  Retinoic acid receptor α activity in proximal tubules prevents kidney injury and fibrosis

571  Making immotile sperm motile using high-frequency ultrasound

570  Development of tight junction-strengthening compounds using a high-throughput screening system to evaluate cell surface-localized claudin-1 in keratinocytes

569  An atlas of cells in the human tonsil

568  Self-assembled active actomyosin gels spontaneously curve and wrinkle similar to biological cells and tissues

567  Mitochondrial dysfunction abrogates dietary lipid processing in enterocytes.

566  Myeloid cell-derived creatine in the hypoxic niche promotes glioblastoma growth

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