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Stem Cell Biology

Stem Cell Biology


533  Vitamin A resolves lineage plasticity to orchestrate stem cell lineage choices

532  ZBP1 activation triggers hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell death resulting in bone marrow failure in mice

531  Inhibiting sorting nexin 10 promotes mucosal healing through SREBP2-mediated stemness restoration of intestinal stem cells.

530  A culture system allows the long-term expansion of human haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) in vivo without the use of recombinant cytokines or albumin, with potential applications for clinical therapies involving HSCs.

529  Bat pluripotent stem cells reveal unusual entanglement between host and viruses.

528  Programming multicellular assembly with synthetic cell adhesion molecules.

527  Muscle injury causes long-term changes in stem-cell DNA methylation.

526  The ability to perform karyotype engineering in laboratory mice has been developed using haploid stem cells and gene editing.

525  Post-Gastrulation Synthetic Embryos Generated Ex Utero from Mouse Naïve ESCs.

524  Retrograde movements determine effective stem cell numbers in the intestine.

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