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Nutritional Science

Nutrition & Metabolism


445  Cardiometabolic Effects of Omnivorous vs Vegan Diets in Identical Twins

444  Optimal dietary patterns for prevention of chronic disease.

443  The dietary sweetener sucralose is a negative modulator of T cell-mediated responses.

442  Microbe-mediated intestinal NOD2 stimulation improves linear growth of undernourished infant mice.

441  Time of day determines postexercise metabolism in mouse adipose tissue.

440  Ultra-processed food consumption, cancer risk and cancer mortality: a large-scale prospective analysis within the UK Biobank.

439  Microbial foods for improving human and planetary health.

438  Enhanced stability and clinical absorption of a form of encapsulated vitamin A for food fortification.

437  Maternal diet disrupts the placenta–brain axis in a sex-specific manner.

436  A dietary change to a high-fat diet initiates a rapid adaptation of the intestine.

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