390  Light controlled 3D micromotors powered by bacteria.

389  Generation of specific inhibitors of SUMO-1– and SUMO-2/3–mediated protein-protein interactions using Affimer (Adhiron) technology.

388  Bioengineering Bacterially Derived Immunomodulants: A Therapeutic Approach to Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

387  Efficient protein production by yeast requires global tuning of metabolism.

386  Reconstitution of UCP1 using CRISPR/Cas9 in the white adipose tissue of pigs decreases fat deposition and improves thermogenic capacity.

385  Digital ultrafast loop-mediated isothermal amplification determines phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility of Escherichia coli in clinical urine samples in less than 30 min.

384  Engineering a highly elastic human protein–based sealant for surgical applications.

383  Nanopore extended field-effect transistor for selective single-molecule biosensing.
Nanopore extended field-effect transistor for selective single-molecule biosensing

382  A single-stranded DNA with modular function domains undergoes a random walk and sorts two molecular cargoes.

381  Towards designer organelles by subverting the peroxisomal import pathway.

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