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513  Virus detection light diffraction fingerprints for biological applications

512  Suprachoroidal gene transfer with nonviral nanoparticles in large animal eyes

511  Engineering TALE-linked deaminases to facilitate precision adenine base editing in mitochondrial DNA

510  mRNA therapy corrects defective glutathione metabolism and restores ureagenesis in preclinical argininosuccinic aciduria

509  Probiotic-guided CAR-T cells for solid tumor targeting

508  High-strength and ultra-tough whole spider silk fibers spun from transgenic silkworms.

507  Parallel molecular computation on digital data stored in DNA.

506  Whole-genome detection using multivalent DNA-coated colloids.

505  Engineered Escherichia coli for the in situ secretion of therapeutic nanobodies in the gut.

504  Molecular DNA dendron vaccines.

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