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110  Continuous measurements of volatile gases as detection of algae crop health.

109  Toward net-zero sustainable aviation fuel with wet waste–derived volatile fatty acids.

108  Technoeconomic and life-cycle analysis of single-step catalytic conversion of wet ethanol into fungible fuel blendstocks.

107  Water-selective membranes made from NaA zeolite crystals impede other gas molecules and boost CO2 hydrogenation to methanol.

106  Performance-advantaged ether diesel bioblendstock production by a priori design.

105  Steering CO2 electroreduction toward ethanol production by a surface-bound Ru polypyridyl carbene catalyst on N-doped porous carbon.

104  One-Pot Production of Cellulosic Ethanol via Tandem Catalysis over a Multifunctional Mo/Pt/WOx Catalyst.

103  Integration of renewable deep eutectic solvents with engineered biomass to achieve a closed-loop biorefinery.

102  Breaking the Limit of Lignin Monomer Production via Cleavage of Interunit Carbon–Carbon Linkages.

101  Integrated Conversion of Cellulose to High-Density Aviation Fuel.

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