138  A transcriptional regulator that boosts grain yields and shortens the growth duration of rice.

137  Flint glass bottles cause white wine aroma identity degradation.

136  Comparison of the Aroma Composition and Sensory Properties of Dark Chocolates Made with Moist Incubated and Fermented Cocoa Beans.

135  An integrated solar-driven system produces electricity with fresh water and crops in arid regions.

134  Monocotyledonous plants graft at the embryonic root–shoot interface.

133  Climate and agronomy, not genetics, underpin recent maize yield gains in favorable environments.

132  Silica fertilization improved wheat performance and increased phosphorus concentrations during drought at the field scale.

131  Integrated farming with intercropping increases food production while reducing environmental footprint.

130  Promoting potato as staple food can reduce the carbon–land–water impacts of crops in China.

129  Synergistic dispersal of plant pathogen spores by jumping-droplet condensation and wind.

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