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Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology


622  Structural basis for sugar perception by Drosophila gustatory receptors

621  Ribosomal stalk-captured CARF-RelE ribonuclease inhibits translation following CRISPR signaling

620  Time-resolved crystallography captures light-driven DNA repair

619  Visualizing the DNA repair process by a photolyase at atomic resolution

618  RNA-binding motif protein 10 inactivates c-Myc by partnering with ribosomal proteins uL18 and uL5

617  A maternally programmed intergenerational mechanism enables male offspring to make piRNAs from Y-linked precursor RNAs in Drosophila

616  Combinatorial design of nanoparticles for pulmonary mRNA delivery and genome editing

615  Algorithm for optimized mRNA design improves stability and immunogenicity.

614  Impaired age-associated mitochondrial translation is mitigated by exercise and PGC-1α.

613  An innate pathogen sensing strategy involving ubiquitination of bacterial surface proteins.

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