Molecular Biology


608  Excess tumor necrosis factor stimulates mitochondria to release pathological reactive oxygen species in tuberculosis.

607  Fast and efficient DNA replication with purified human proteins.

606  Reversible RNA phosphorylation stabilizes tRNA for cellular thermotolerance.

605  Ribosomal RNA 2′-O-methylations regulate translation by impacting ribosome dynamics.

604  Programmable molecular transport achieved by engineering protein motors to move on DNA nanotubes.

603  RNA profiles reveal signatures of future health and disease in pregnancy.

602  Pol IV and RDR2: A two-RNA-polymerase machine that produces double-stranded RNA.

601  Combinations of slow-translating codon clusters can increase mRNA half-life in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

600  Genetic and functional evidence links a missense variant in B4GALT1 to lower LDL and fibrinogen.

599  Z-form extracellular DNA is a structural component of the bacterial biofilm matrix.

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