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469  Adaptive introgression of a visual preference gene

468  Durable and efficient gene silencing in vivo by hit-and-run epigenome editing

467  Genetic drivers of heterogeneity in type 2 diabetes pathophysiology

466  Suprachoroidal gene transfer with nonviral nanoparticles in large animal eyes

465  AAV1-hOTOF gene therapy for autosomal recessive deafness 9: a single-arm trial

464  Elevated genetic risk for multiple sclerosis emerged in steppe pastoralist populations

463  A genetic history of the Balkans from Roman frontier to Slavic migrations

462  The history of Coast Salish “woolly dogs” revealed by ancient genomics and Indigenous Knowledge

461  A genetic basis for facultative parthenogenesis in Drosophila

460  Assembly of 43 human Y chromosomes reveals extensive complexity and variation

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