1420  Elucidation of the pathway for biosynthesis of saponin adjuvants from the soapbark tree.

1419  A meta-analysis of the associations between insufficient sleep duration and antibody response to vaccination.

1418  Non-viral precision T cell receptor replacement for personalized cell therapy.

1417  A mast cell–thermoregulatory neuron circuit axis regulates hypothermia in anaphylaxis.

1416  The dietary sweetener sucralose is a negative modulator of T cell-mediated responses.

1415  Prolonged exposure to acid is shown to reprogram T cell intracellular methionine metabolism to preserve T cell stemness and increase anti-tumor efficacy.

1414  Influenza-trained mucosal-resident alveolar macrophages confer long-term antitumor immunity in the lungs.

1413  Active eosinophils regulate host defence and immune responses in colitis.

1412  Functional T cells are capable of supernumerary cell division and longevity.

1411  Helminth egg derivatives as proregenerative immunotherapies.

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