238  Antibiotic treatment affects the expression levels of copper transporters and the isotopic composition of copper in the colon of mice.

237  Discovery of a pathway for terminal-alkyne amino acid biosynthesis.

236  Formylglycine-generating enzyme binds substrate directly at a mononuclear Cu(I) center to initiate O2 activation.

235  The integration of liver and plasma quantitative lipidomic and proteomic data from 107 distinct mouse strains provides important insights into regulators of mammalian lipid metabolism.

234  LINC00116 codes for a mitochondrial peptide linking respiration and lipid metabolism.

233  A lipase-independent pathway of lipid release and immune modulation by adipocytes.

232  The plasma membrane lipid sphingomyelin has two distinct conformations depending on the presence or absence of cholesterol.

231  The flavonoid 4,4′-dimethoxychalcone promotes autophagy-dependent longevity across species.

230  Redox and pH gradients drive amino acid synthesis in iron oxyhydroxide mineral systems.

229  Evidence for an alternative fatty acid desaturation pathway increasing cancer plasticity.

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