300  Insulin-regulated serine and lipid metabolism drive peripheral neuropathy.

299  Total synthesis of structurally diverse pleuromutilin antibiotics

298  Lysosomal enzyme trafficking factor LYSET enables nutritional usage of extracellular proteins.

297  Automated solution-phase multiplicative synthesis of complex glycans up to a 1,080-mer.

296  Riboflavin synthesis from gaseous nitrogen and carbon dioxide by a hybrid inorganic-biological system.

295  Inhibition of ASGR1 decreases lipid levels by promoting cholesterol excretion.

294  Tryptophan regulates Drosophila zinc stores.

293  Tryptophan depletion results in tryptophan-to-phenylalanine substitutants.

292  Leucine retention in lysosomes is regulated by starvation.

291  A dual cellular–heterogeneous catalyst strategy for the production of olefins from glucose.

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