295  Inhibition of ASGR1 decreases lipid levels by promoting cholesterol excretion.

294  Tryptophan regulates Drosophila zinc stores.

293  Tryptophan depletion results in tryptophan-to-phenylalanine substitutants.

292  Leucine retention in lysosomes is regulated by starvation.

291  A dual cellular–heterogeneous catalyst strategy for the production of olefins from glucose.

290  Dual-function enzyme catalysis for enantioselective carbon–nitrogen bond formation.

289  Tungsten enzymes play a role in detoxifying food and antimicrobial aldehydes in the human gut microbiome.

288  Cell-free chemoenzymatic starch synthesis from carbon dioxide.

287  Prospecting for natural products by genome mining and microcrystal electron diffraction.

286  In vivo adenine base editing of PCSK9 in macaques reduces LDL cholesterol levels.

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