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110 Ultrasonic monitoring of pH homeostasis enables early assessment of anastomotic leaks after gastrointestinal surgery.

109 Cholinergic neurons trigger epithelial Ca2+ currents to heal the gut

108 Diet effects on colonic health influence the efficacy of Bin1 mAb immunotherapy for ulcerative colitis.

107 Identification of environmental factors that promote intestinal inflammation.

106 Commensal microbiota from patients with inflammatory bowel disease produce genotoxic metabolites.

105 The ulcerative colitis-associated gene FUT8 regulates the quantity and quality of secreted mucins.

104 RoboCap: Robotic mucus-clearing capsule for enhanced drug delivery in the gastrointestinal tract.

103 Targeted suppression of human IBD-associated gut microbiota commensals by phage consortia for treatment of intestinal inflammation.

102 Meat intake is associated with a higher risk of ulcerative colitis in a large European prospective cohort study.

101 Risk of cancer in regular and low meat-eaters, fish-eaters, and vegetarians: a prospective analysis of UK Biobank participants.

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