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Plant Science

Plant Science


855  Chemical and genetic basis of orange flavor

854  Enhancing rice panicle branching and grain yield through tissue-specific brassinosteroid inhibition

853  Olfaction in the Anthropocene: NO3 negatively affects floral scent and nocturnal pollination

852  Plants distinguish different photoperiods to independently control seasonal flowering and growth

851  Root-specific photoreception directs early root development by HY5-regulated ROS balance

850  Volatile communication in plants relies on a KAI2-mediated signaling pathway

849  Biosynthesis of the allelopathic alkaloid gramine in barley by a cryptic oxidative rearrangement

848  Molecular regulation of oil gland development and biosynthesis of essential oils in Citrus spp.

847  A dynamic ubiquitination balance of cell proliferation and endoreduplication regulators determines plant organ size

846  Mechanisms of calcium homeostasis orchestrate plant growth and immunity

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