Plant Science


787  Flexible and digestible wood caused by viral-induced alteration of cell wall composition.

786  Inactivation of a wheat protein kinase gene confers broad-spectrum resistance to rust fungi.

785  TIR-catalyzed ADP-ribosylation reactions produce signaling molecules for plant immunity.

784  A transcriptional regulator that boosts grain yields and shortens the growth duration of rice.

783  Competition for pollinators destabilizes plant coexistence.

782  BABY BOOM regulates early embryo and endosperm development.

781  Ethylene plays a dual role in sex determination and fruit shape in cucurbits.

780  Plant pathogens such as corn smut fungus read the host plant’s physiological signals to support their own lifestyles.

779  The mosaic oat genome gives insights into a uniquely healthy cereal crop.

778  Extensive polyploid clonality was a successful strategy for seagrass to expand into a newly submerged environment.

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