Plant Science


811  The OsBDR1-MPK3 module negatively regulates blast resistance by suppressing the jasmonate signaling and terpenoid biosynthesis pathway.

810  A Gγ protein regulates alkaline sensitivity in crops.

809  The giant diploid faba genome unlocks variation in a global protein crop.

808  Wheat Ym2 originated from Aegilops sharonensis and confers resistance to soil-borne Wheat yellow mosaic virus infection to the roots.

807  A soil fungus confers plant resistance against a phytophagous insect by disrupting the symbiotic role of its gut microbiota.

806  Hydathode immunity protects the Arabidopsis leaf vasculature against colonization by bacterial pathogens.

805  Leaf transformation for efficient random integration and targeted genome modification in maize and sorghum.

804  Stigma receptors control intraspecies and interspecies barriers in Brassicaceae.

803  Taxon-specific, phased siRNAs underlie a speciation locus in monkeyflowers.

802  Long-lasting memory of jasmonic acid-dependent immunity requires DNA demethylation and ARGONAUTE1.

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