Developmental Biology


183  A platform that can explore the characteristics and mechanisms of early postimplantation embryogenesis in nonhuman primates is described.

182  Analysis of gene expression in the neural crest of vertebrate embryos supports the idea that gene regulatory circuits that define the cranial neural crest evolved gradually from a more trunk-like identity.

181  An actin-based viscoplastic lock ensures progressive body-axis elongation.

180  Maternal vitamin C regulates reprogramming of DNA methylation and germline development.

179  Mechanistic basis of neonatal heart regeneration revealed by transcriptome and histone modification profiling.

178  Endocrine regulation of multichromatic color vision.

177  Hydraulic fracturing and active coarsening position the lumen of the mouse blastocyst.

176  Schwann cell precursors contribute to skeletal formation during embryonic development in mice and zebrafish.

175  HIF-1α is required for development of the sympathetic nervous system.

174  Epigenetic Compensation Promotes Liver Regeneration.

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