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283  The Chronology of Colonization in Remote Oceania.

282  Unique head-neck structures suggest that sexual combat in an early giraffoid contributed to neck elongation in extant giraffes.

281  Placental mammals had a smaller brain-to-body-size ratio after the dinosaur extinction but later developed the largest vertebrate brains.

280  Multiple lines of evidence of early goose domestication in a 7,000-y-old rice cultivation village in the lower Yangtze River, China.

279  Ancient DNA at the edge of the world: Continental immigration and the persistence of Neolithic male lineages in Bronze Age Orkney.

278  Ancient and modern genomes unravel the evolutionary history of the rhinoceros family.

277  Spore-like microfossils help to resolve a discontinuity between molecular and fossil records of the origins of land plants.

276  “Their corpses will reach the base of heaven”: a third-millennium BC war memorial in northern Mesopotamia?

275  Lipid exchanges drove the evolution of mutualism during plant terrestrialization.

274  The mustatils: cult and monumentality in Neolithic north-western Arabia.

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