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298  Genomic ancestry and social dynamics of the last hunter-gatherers of Atlantic France

297  50,000 years of Evolutionary History of India: Insights from ∼2,700 Whole Genome sequences

296  1.63-billion-year-old multicellular eukaryotes from the Chuanlinggou Formation in North China

295  Widespread evidence for elephant exploitation by Last Interglacial Neanderthals on the North European plain

294  A continuous fossil record, extracted from a series of sediment cores, that shows how haplochromine cichlids came to dominate the fish fauna of Lake Victoria in Africa.

293  The earliest evidence of deep-sea vertebrates.

292  A severe bottleneck that brought human ancestors close to extinction occurred between about 930 and 813 thousand years ago.

291  A heavyweight early whale pushes the boundaries of vertebrate morphology.

290  Biomolecular analyses enable new insights into ancient Egyptian embalming.

289  Hunting and processing of straight-tusked elephants 125.000 years ago: Implications for Neanderthal behavior.

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