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1468  A lipid atlas of human and mouse immune cells provides insights into ferroptosis susceptibility

1467  Akkermansia muciniphila exoglycosidases target extended blood group antigens to generate ABO-universal blood

1466  Deficiency of IL-22–binding protein enhances the ability of the gut microbiota to protect against enteric pathogens

1465  FOXO1 enhances CAR T cell stemness, metabolic fitness and efficacy

1464  A humoral stress response protects Drosophila tissues from antimicrobial peptides

1463  CGRP sensory neurons promote tissue healing via neutrophils and macrophages

1462  Intestinal microbiota programming of alveolar macrophages influences severity of respiratory viral infection

1461  Microbial metabolite enhances immunotherapy efficacy by modulating T cell stemness in pan-cancer

1460  Smoking changes adaptive immunity with persistent effects

1459  Synthetic development of a broadly neutralizing antibody against snake venom long-chain α-neurotoxins

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