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130 Brain-muscle communication prevents muscle aging by maintaining daily physiology

129 Elimination of virus-like particles reduces protein aggregation and extends replicative lifespan in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

128 Longevity, demographic characteristics, and socio-economic status are linked to triiodothyronine levels in the general population

127 Prolonged sleep deprivation induces a cytokine-storm-like syndrome in mammals

126 Late-life shift in caloric intake affects fly metabolism and longevity

125 Vestibular CCK signaling drives motion sickness–like behavior in mice

124 Suprachiasmatic nucleus promotes hyperglycemia induced by sleep delay

123 Increased hyaluronan by naked mole-rat Has2 improves healthspan in mice.

122 Farnesol prevents aging-related muscle weakness in mice through enhanced farnesylation of Parkin-interacting substrate.

121 Synchronization of the circadian clock to the environment tracked in real time.

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