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109 Methane formation by a ROS-mediated process is linked to metabolic activity and is identified as a conserved feature across living systems.

108 Decreased translational accuracy shortens life span and accelerates the onset of age-related phenotypes in mammals.

107 Ageing exacerbates ribosome pausing to disrupt cotranslational proteostasis.

106 Exercise plasma boosts memory and dampens brain inflammation via clusterin.

105 Increased fidelity of protein synthesis extends lifespan.

104 MC3R deficiency is associated with a delay in the onset of puberty, and a reduction in growth and lean mass.

103 Sake yeast induces the sleep-promoting effects under the stress-induced acute insomnia in mice.

102 Reconstitution of an intact clock reveals mechanisms of circadian timekeeping.

101 Dim light in the evening causes coordinated realignment of circadian rhythms, sleep, and short-term memory.

100 Neuro-mesenchymal units control ILC2 and obesity via a brain–adipose circuit.

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