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108  A billion years of evolution manifest in nanosecond protein dynamics

107  Claudin-2 upregulation enhances intestinal permeability, immune activation, dysbiosis, and mortality in sepsis

106  CRD: A de novo design algorithm for the prediction of cognate protein receptors for small molecule ligands

105  Bone morphogenetic protein 9 is a candidate prognostic biomarker and host-directed therapy target for sepsis

104  Organ aging signatures in the plasma proteome track health and disease

103  AlphaFold predictions implicate the protein DONSON as a key player in vertebrate replication initiation.

102  Accurate proteome-wide missense variant effect prediction with AlphaMissense.

101  PIEZO2 and perineal mechanosensation are essential for sexual function.

100  Enzyme function prediction using contrastive learning.

99  Direct observation of motor protein stepping in living cells using MINFLUX.

98  A mass spectrometry and dialysis method detects metabolite-protein interactions that help to control physiology.

97  Rosetta design and machine learning generate protein fragments that assemble into a huge set of functional enzymes.

96  Nanoscopy of single antifreeze proteins reveals that reversible ice binding is sufficient for ice recrystallization inhibition but not thermal hysteresis.

95  Structure of monkeypox virus DNA polymerase holoenzyme.

94  Bioengineered peptibodies as blockers of ion channels.

93  Evolutionary-scale prediction of atomic level protein structure with a language model.

92  Evolution and antiviral activity of a human protein of retroviral origin.

91  Transmembrane proteins tetraspanin 4 and CD9 sense membrane curvature.

90  The strawberry-derived permeation enhancer pelargonidin enables oral protein delivery.

89  A highly photostable and bright green fluorescent protein.

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