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9 A complete history of viral exposure over a lifetime can be deduced from a drop of blood.

8 Wide-field computational imaging of pathology slides using lens-free on-chip microscopy.

7 Assessment of breast pathologies using nonlinear microscopy.

6 Signatures from patients with both psoriasis and eczema contribute to understanding disease pathogenesis and diagnosis.

5 CD4+ T cells from elite suppressors are more susceptible to HIV-1 but produce fewer virions than cells from chronic progressors.

4 Emergence of a New Pathogenic Ehrlichia Species, Wisconsin and Minnesota, 2009. Pritt BS. et al. (2011). NEJM 365:422-429.

3 Pathology of post primary tuberculosis of the lung. Hunter RL. (2011). Tuberculosis (in press) (Review)

2 Ehrlichia are transported through the host cell filopodium during initial stages of infection, but are released by host cell membrane rupture during later stages of infection. Thomas, S., Popov V.L., and Walker, D.H. (2010). Exit mechanisms of the intracellular bacterium Ehrlichia. PLoS One 5(12), e15775.

1 High-throughput screening has offered up an oral antimalarial drug and pointers to its mechanism of action. Rottmann M. et al. (2010). Science 329: 1175-1180.

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